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The -l switches to the more common ls command works, too, but produces different output:. Since we own the downloaded file, we can modify its extended attributes, no admin privileges needed.

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  • Removing com. We again use xattr , along with its -d switch, to accomplish that:.

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    With the quarantine extended attribute removed, the Mac OS X Finder never calls to Gatekeeper so double-clicking on the app will work as if Gatekeeper was disabled. So there you have it. Two simple ways to bypass Gatekeeper and open arbitrary programs even without administrator approval.

    The Hosts file

    None of this helps fix my broken hard drive, of course. And so can you!

    How to Run GUI Apps as root in Mac OS X

    Use the command line, not the Finder Possibly the most obvious workaround to Gatekeeper is simply to bypass it entirely by not using the Finder to open the applications that you want to run. For example, although Gatekeeper gets in my way after double-clicking on the TorBrowser, opening it from the command line by calling its executable directly works like a charm: TorBrowser.

    How To Edit Hosts File In Mac OS

    Remove the com. Menu Help Create Join Login.

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    Log In As root

    Created: Updated: Jason - I am the admin of this computer. Anyone could help? Appreciate that :D.

    Screen Shot at If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link:. Mohamed Bhour - RickyO - Install in bit mode.

    How to Make Yourself an Administrator From the Terminal on a Mac

    But i tried this as well. For my mac it dont have this checkbox on it :'. Charles E - I Google searched and found these similar articles Laura Lopez Hoz - I have the same problem.